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About Us

I began coming up with design ideas for shirts, for myself and friends, who enjoyed shooting, hunting and tinkering with small caliber firearms/cartridges.  As we were seen out in the field with our shirts on, other shooters/hunters approached me about getting their own shirts!  

As my design catalog grew, I chose to expand into a new store, with a new name, that reflected what the designs were all about.

Although the Small Caliber Store has many current designs, eventually, it will be expanding into more of the great Wildcat Cartridges that are out there being used by their fans.

If you have a cartridge that you want to see in our store, visit the SCS Instagram, or Facebook pages to let me know what you are looking for. 

--  Eric Mayer
Owner of SmallCaliberStore.com

*All artwork is owned/Copyright by Small Caliber Store and Mutt Media, LLC.  Any unauthorized use will be subject to a $1000 per use fine, above and beyond what fines are available through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

*All caliber history, is used under a "Creative Commons Attribution"  from publicly available sources, such as WikiPedia.

*Due to variables in specifications, please do not use our images for reloading, or any other type of use that requires precise measurements.

*Images are representative of the final product and may print/appear different on the actual shirt.

*All images and designs on this site are owned and © by Mutt Media, LLC and SmallCaliberStore.com.