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.22 CHeetah T-Shirt


A true wildcat, this is the .22 CHeetah specs printed on a Light Sand, or Ash color, 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton Shirt. We've added a CHeetah, running at the top of the design, showing that the name includes speed!

The .22 CHeetah (both C and H are upper-case, referring to Carmichel / Huntington) is a .22 wildcat cartridge developed in the 1970s or 1980s by Jim Carmichel and Fred Huntington.

The .22 CHeetah is essentially a Remington 308 BR, modified to fit the 22 caliber, and is the most popular wildcat; two custom gunmakers, Shilen Rifle Company and Wichita Engineering, are now making rifles specifically for the cartridge. The cartridge's 50-grain .22-caliber bullets have a muzzle speed upward of 4,300 ft/s (4,250 according to some reports), and the cartridge is known for its long-range accuracy and velocity.

(Image look, size and placement may vary from mock-ups)