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.22 Hornet T-Shirt - Full Color


Printed on an Ash 100% Cotton Shirt, it is the venerable .22 Hornet in full-color and ready to STING!! (back and front left chest print). This full color design is printed on an Ash color, 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton Shirt.

The modern .22 Hornet's ancestry is generally attributed to experiments done in the 1920s using the black-powder .22 WCF at Springfield Armory. Winchester adopted what had so far been a wildcat cartridge in 1930, producing ammo for a cartridge for which no commercially made guns yet had been built. It was not until 1932 that any company began selling commercially made guns for the cartridge. The cartridge lives on today, within its original form, and in the form of the many wildcats created using the .22 Hornet brass as a base.

(Image look, size and placement may vary from mock-ups)