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.225 Winchester T-Shirt


The .225 Winchester is the caliber that could have been. With the specs of this powerhouse printed on a Light Sand, or Ash color, 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton Shirt, it gives the cartridge the stature it deserves.

Due to timing, and the rise of other wildcats, the .225 Winchester was intended as a replacement for the .220 Swift cartridge which had a rumored reputation for burning out barrels. Despite having a modern straight taper design, the round was eclipsed by the older .22-250 Remington, already a popular wildcat introduced commercially a year later.

The .225 Winchester was chambered in factory rifles by Winchester (Models 70 and 670) and Savage (Model 340). All commercially produced rifles chambered in .225 Winchester were turn-bolt actions. Winchester ceased producing rifles chambered in .225 Winchester in 1971, however seasonal production of loaded ammunition and brass continues by Winchester. Reloading dies for the round are readily available.

(Image look, size and placement may vary from mock-ups)